The Don James Center Experience

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The Don James Center is the ultimate Husky Football experience – the best seating location, cuisine from some of Seattle’s finest caterers and first class hospitality on game day. For further information, contact the Tyee Club at 206.543.2234 or


Amenities at Husky Stadium in 2014:

  • Covered, outdoor premier seating between the 30 yard lines
  • New plush, theater-style seats with ample leg room, cup holders, and individual arm rests
  • Indoor climate-controlled reception areas with enhanced entertainment spaces
  • All-inclusive food and beverage service provided by Seattle’s finest caterers
  • Upscale fireside sports lounge serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Exclusive access to a private outdoor viewing deck attached to the west end of the Don James Center
  • Complimentary VIP parking in premium lots included in your membership

 Membership Information:

  • 2-seat membership for $32,500 donation, covering 5-year term
  • 4-seat membership for $65,000 donation, covering 5-year term