Selection Policies

Account Transfers

  • Full Priority Transfers: Season Ticket Holders may transfer, without forfeiture of any account priority, all or any portion of their account priority to (1) a spouse or former spouse in the event of divorce or death OR (2) a primary business owner if the Season Ticket account is held by a corporation or legal entity
  • 50 Percent Priority Transfers: Season Ticket Holders may transfer their priority to an immediate family member (defined as a parent, child, grandchild or sibling) which results in a forfeiture of 50% of the account priority. A 50% loss in priority will result in a change of priority point ranking.
  • Account Transfer Deadline: Accounts must be transferred prior to November 16, 2012 to receive an appointment time for the 2013 Husky Football seat selection process.
  • Account Transfer Details: All account transfer requests must be submitted in writing and signed by the current Season Ticket Holder or his/her legal representative supported by such legal documentation as UW Athletics may reasonably request. UW Faculty-Staff accounts are subject to the same account transfer policies listed above. If a UW Faculty-Staff transfer is made to a non-UW Faculty-Staff member, the transferee is required to pay the full applicable ticket price.

Priority Seating Limits

Season Ticket Holders can purchase up to eight (8) premium season tickets (Don James Center, Luxury Suites, Patio Suites, Club Husky) and eight (8) Tyee Club or general season tickets at full priority at their appointment time. For seat orders over the eight seat limit, appointment times will be set using 25 percent of full priority to select additional seats. Season Ticket Holders also have the option of using a blended priority to select all seats at one appointment time. Account holders ordering more than eight seats will be contacted to select their appointment option with the blended average becoming the default option unless otherwise requested.

Faculty/Staff Seating

Eligible UW Faculty/Staff may purchase up to two (2) season tickets at the Faculty/Staff discounted rate. If additional season tickets (more than two) are desired, they will be subject to the full public season ticket price. In order to receive this discount, the Husky Ticket Office Faculty/Staff verification form must be completed annually. UW Faculty/Staff may also elect to pay for season tickets through payroll deduction if requested by applicable deadlines.

Disability Seating

The newly renovated Husky Stadium will offer expanded opportunities for ADA seating at every price level. Season Ticket Holders with ADA seating needs must make their season ticket deposit by November 16, 2012. An appointment time will be mailed in early February to select ADA seats during the seat selection process based on priority point ranking. Seat selections should be made in person or by phone and will be assisted by a seat selection representative with ADA expertise.

Future Reallocation Policies

  • Don James Center accounts will be reallocated in 2018. Memberships will be renewed in 2018.
  • Luxury Suites and Patio Suites will be renewed and reallocated at the end of term contracts based on priority ranking.
  • Club Husky seats will be reallocated in 2018 with the first right of refusal given to founding members. Seats will be renewed annually.
  • Tyee Club seats will be reallocated every 5 years based on priority ranking with the exception of Husky Heritage members, who have the first right of refusal in 2018.
  • Currently there are no plans to reallocate general season tickets. Thus future seat improvements, if available, are typically gradual in nature; generally by seat or row movement rather than sections. The best way for non-Tyee Club Season Ticket Holders to improve their seats is by joining the Tyee Club.