What's Changing

What’s changing:

  • Premium seating program with luxury suites, patio suites and Club Husky
  • Track removed and the field lowered (4 feet) and shifted north (about 7 feet) to optimize seat values and sightlines
  • Football operations support building housing locker rooms, weight rooms, team meeting rooms, recruiting lounges, player lounges and coaches offices integrated into the west end zone
  • Complete demolition and reconstruction of the lower bowl and the south side stands
  • Renovation of the Don James Center
  • 200-stall parking garage constructed below the south bowl and stands
  • Permanent east end zone seating
  • Large landscaped plazas and grounds with no perimeter fencing

What’s not changing:

  • The unique acoustics of the stadium with its cantilever roofs that traps noise and for decades has made Husky Stadium one of the loudest and most intimidating experiences in college football.
  • The breathtakingly Northwest setting on the shores of Lake Washington, with views of the snow-capped Cascade mountains, the Olympic mountains and downtown Seattle visible from the north upper deck.
  • The pride and excitement Husky fans feel while inside Husky Stadium. 

Construction Hotline

For construction related updates and details, call the Turner Construction Husky Stadium Hotline at 206-971-4640. NOTE: This number is NOT for ticket or other Husky Stadium information. This line is only for construction related updates. For ticket and other information, please call the UW Tyee Club at (206) 543-2234.