Green Initiatives

One of the primary focuses of the renovation of Husky Stadium is ensuring the project is sustainable. The following are initiatives that will help the project stay green.

• On site source separation of demolition debris and construction waste will be utilized. Project goal is to recycle, re-use or salvage for re-use by others a minimum of 96% of all debris and waste.

• Starting at site mobilization, Salmon-Safe best management practices will be utilized to make the Husky Stadium Renovation a Salmon-Safe project. The University of Washington is a Salmon-Safe certified campus and Turner Construction is a Salmon-Safe accredited contractor. The Salmon-Safe organization is interested in partnering with the Husky Stadium Renovation Project to create a featured construction project. More information about Salmon-Safe is available at

• The existing football field synthetic turf surface will be removed and stored for installation at another local field.

• Crushed concrete from the existing stadium structure will be used as fill material on site to the maximum extent possible.

• Aluminum benches from the existing stadium are being evaluated to be salvaged for re-use as drink rails in the renovated stadium.

• The 70,000 square foot Football Operations Building will be pursuing LEED Gold Certification as part of the project.