The Drive for Husky Stadium

This is where Husky Lives. Our Stadium. It’s an icon of our community, a vessel of our history. It hosts a feeling of electricity unrivaled in college football.

The atmosphere found here is the product of both the stadium and the masses it holds. Now, as the structure nears its hundredth birthday, the masses are called on to join in its renewal for generations of future fans and legacies.

The Drive for Husky Stadium is our chance to do that. To renovate entirely with the donations and pledges of those who fill the stands on Saturdays. These donations will ultimately reinforce both the structure of the stadium and the entirety of Husky Athletics. A stronger foundation for football creates a stronger foundation for every student-athlete who wears the purple and the gold.

Together we can solidify our future, and fortify our team. Together we can see to it that Husky Stadium continues to thrive as the place where we gather. The place we make noise. The place where Husky lives.